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The story of Igor & Irina Evsinevsky

Her long-expected child was maimed at his birth. Her husband instantly ran away from the trouble. All the charity foundations refused to help her. She now lives with her mother who is an invalid too, with 1140 roubles for pension, and she is trying to alleviate her little son' suffering - though she sees that she can't help him.

Igor & Irina Evsinevsky

During the pregnancy, Irina seemed to be in the seventh heaven from happiness. He was the purpose of her life and she was doing everything for him. She attended special courses learning to breathe correctly, read books about the sacrament of birth, took vitamins and went for 3-hour walks every day - everything for the boy's health. Her first pregnancy when at the age of 27, a long expected and extremely welcome child She made arrangements about the delivery in advance and paid a considerable sum of money to the doctor in one of the best maternity homes, according to some recommendations. She utterly wished everything to go on well. 8 months late she appears to be a person for whom there is nothing left in this life. Her life seems to have ended with the childbirth, with the unspeakable negligence of the highly-paid "specialist" in whom she trusted.

During the delivery the doctor, after having pierced her fetal bladder, just gave her a dose of soporific and left - left for five (!!!) hours without controlling the child's heartbeat and not bothering to see the parturient woman and to check how she and the baby felt. When she came to her senses Irina realised that her son was not moving, so she shouted for help in despair. Deep night, both the doctors and nurses are all asleep. By the time they woke up and came to see her it turned out the baby had suffocated - acute hypoxia, Irina must have cesarean section! But it was too late - the baby's head was too low and Irina's pelvis was too narrow. Instead of the 3.1 kg diagnosed by the "dear" doctor, the baby turned out to be 4.6!! The last thing Irina could remember was the distressed paediatrician shaking his head. They were forced to pull the baby out with forceps.

Igor Evsinevsky

As a result he was born unviable. Two months in the reanimation. Little Igor escaped with his life, but he is destined to constant pain. Now he is over one year old. He suffers from convulsions, can hardly swallow and cannot suck - Irina had to feed him through a probe. He breathes with difficulty, only when he's awake, but when he falls asleep his breathing almost stops so his mum has to wake him up. This woman's suffering is impossible to convey with words, as she loves her son more than her own life and is ready to sacrifice everything so that he wouldn't suffer, but every second she realises that she can't do anything. The boy has 3 diagnoses, one more terrible after the other. On the whole - "gross damages of the brain structure" (according to the conclusion of professor Alikhanov). The only hope was the transplantation of stem cells.

Irina had to sell apartment and moved into a tiny one-room with her ill mother and son. But Igor does not get better after two procedures of stem cells transplantation

Her husband left her as soon as he realised how complicated is the baby's case. Her husband's relatives don't help her. Irina lives on her pension which consists of 1140 roubles, plus her mum's pension and a little help from her brother. She is completely desperate and has practically no strength to struggle on. The Russian charity foundation refused to help her. We ask you to compassion and help Irina - we shall be very grateful for any amount of money or other type of support. We know for sure that helping her you will save two lives, because this woman, who was left to the mercy of fate by the doctor, whose own husband deserted her and her former friends try to avoid her (no one wants to face someone else's grief) - who was deprived of hope by those who were supposed to provide it for her - she won't live if her son fades away. We ask you to give her back the faith. Please help her.

Irina found the doctor who handled the delivery and told her, "I just want to look into your eyes" - "What can you do about it, - she sighed. - No one has any guarantees against a mistake".

Video-report about Igor & Irina, shown on TV(2,1 )

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