Страница помощи Игорю Евсиневскому

Пожалуйста, помогите этому маленькому человечку жить!

Contact details

If you would like to help Irina and Igor, please contact us:

mob. 8-905-7235201

mob. 8 - 916 - 5489905


We are constantly in touch with Irina, try to help her by organizing treatment etc., and we have full information about the current situation.

The problem is that Irina does not have access to Internet, so she does not have e-mail address.

Soon she is moving to a new apartment (they have sold the old one to get some money for Igor's treatment). As soon as we know her new address, we will post it here. But if you would like to meet Irina and help her son - please let us know, we will arrange the meeting.

How to help

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