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Пожалуйста, помогите этому маленькому человечку жить!

Help required

Please read Igor’s story. He needs your help so much! Help him, so he can smile to his mother, listen to music and people’s voices, see the sun and understand how beautiful life can be.

And his mother needs hope. Hope for other side of life – where people help each other and care about her and her baby.

There is nothing worse that to see every day how your baby suffers, and to realize, that you can not help him.

The story of Igor & Irina Evsinevsky


We apologize for the absense of news for a long time! Igor and Ira has returned to Moscow some time ago. Now they are living in the country (many thanks to Anna, who managed to organize this). Unfortunately, the trip to Germany wasn't as successful as we thought. The doctors cancelled Frisium (the medicine Igor was taking before), as it didn't leave the child any chances for development. But he still has quite a lot of seizures, unfortunately. They are continuing (already here) to select the necessary medicine and dozes.

Irina and Igor continue the course with the rehabilitologist here in Moscow. We hope that in September they will be able to go to Yoshkar-Ola to a rehabilitation centre.


Before Igor fell ill, he had been receiving an intensive course of massage and homeopathy. There have been changes - he spends more time awake now, he has fewer seizures and he moves his arms and legs more actively.


At the moment Igor unfortunately has fallen ill again (a flu' or a cold), the baby has high temperature. Irina's mother is in hospital again. The most urgeny problem at the moment is to find a nurse, who could help with Igor.


There was published an article in the newspaper "Argumenty i fakty".



Igor has recovered from pneumonia (which he got as complication after the flu). We are very grateful to Olga, who has organized the examination with the doctor at Morozovskaya kids' hospital!

Last week Irina and Igor went to professor Efimov (a doctor who has designed an own method of treatment for children with cerebral paralysis). Now Irina is fulfilling all the recommendations very intensively. There is a hope that soon Igor will be able to do without anti-epileptic medications.

Next week there should be a confirmation if Irina will be allowed to participate in the seminar on Doman's method of treatment for brain injured children. We are very thankful to Ekaterina from Milan!


Irina and Igor are ill (flu). Igor had fever for a few days. Now they are both feeling better. But due to the illness, the visit to the professor - epileptologist has been delayed.

We are waiting for the article in the newspaper "Argumenty y fakty". Hopefully the article will be out this week, and then the newspaper can pay for the treatment in Germany. Also, Irina has met with the editor of the new magazine "Rastim rebyonka". In the coming issue there will be an article about them.

We would like to express our warmest gratitude to everyone who has helped Irina and Igor so much and is continuing to help: Igor, Olga, Elena, Irina and our special thank you to Anna - for everything you have done and are continuing to do for Irina and Igor.


Irina and Igor have been to check-up with rehabilitologist at Euromed centre. The doctor has recommended several exercises and things to do, but seizures do stop progress and remain #1 problem. We hope that within the next few weeks Irina and Igor will go to Germany for treatment.

If anyone who lives near Kiel, Germany, happens to read this site and would like to help Irina during her stay in Germany, please write or call us!

Another trouble in Irina's family: her mother has gone completely blind. In connection with this, we are looking for a nurse or babysitter, who can come and stay with Igor one day a week. Of course we will pay for her work.


Last week Igor has gone through one more transplantation of stem cells.  They are continuing with osteopathic procedures. About two weeks ago Irina started with homeopathy treatment. We really hope that Igor would be able to do without at least one of the heavy anti seizure medication. In general, Igor is being awake much more time than before, he seems to have fewer seizures. And we have one, really great news - Igor has started to move his legs!


We have been trying to het help from Doman Institute in Philadelphia, but so far we did not succeed. If someone from the US is willing to help us in negotiating with this organization, we will be really grateful!


Igor is taking osteopathic procedures (sort of manual therapy, which can be carried out when the child has seizures). Also, Irina and Igor have been to homeopath doctor and they have started this method of treatment as well. We all hope that it will give positive results!

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If you would like to help Igor and Irina, please contact us:

cell. ph. 8-905-7235201


cell. ph. 8-916-5489905

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