Страница помощи Игорю Евсиневскому

Пожалуйста, помогите этому маленькому человечку жить!

Thank you for your help!

29.01.2006 - Natalia, thank you very much for financial help

29.01.2006 - our warmest thanks to Dina for financial help

26.01.2006 - Yulia, thank you so much for baby food, clothes and financial help

03.01.2006 - Igor, thank you so much for financial help and for food you have bought for Irina and Igoryok.

30.12.2005 - Lyudmila, we want to express out deepest gratitude for everything you have donated to Irina and Igor!

25.12.2005 - we are very thankful to Nikolai for financial help.

21.12.2005 - also, one thing which we have not done - we thank our site administrator for this web page, which he has made for us. Thank you, Pyotr!

21.12.2005 - we express our warmest gratitude to everyone, who has been transferring money to Irina through Sberbank. The bank would not give the list of names, but we want you all to know how grateful we are!

21.12.2005 - Elena, thank you so much for your financial help and overall support!

08.12.2005 - our warmest gratitude to Elena for baby clothes and financial donation.

07.12.2005 - Alexandr, thank you so much for financial help!

04.12.2005 - we express our deep gratitude to Yulia and the whole staff of the company "Open Technologies" for financial help. Thank you so much!

04.12.2005 - Olga, thank you for the baby food!

03.12.2005 - we are very thankful to Ksenia for babyfood, to Zhenya for clothes and to Olga and Pavel for financial help.

26.11.2005 - Marina, thank you so much for the baby food

25.11.2005 - Irina, thank you so much for diapers, baby food and financial help

25.11.2005 - we express gratitude to Pavel and Elena for donation

22.11.2005 - Igor, thank you so much for baby food you bought for Irina.

22.11.2005 - we are very grateful to Lyuba for financial donation

19.11.2005 - we are very grateful to Natasha from Eva.ru site, who has given to Irina 11 packs of diapers. This should be enough for quite some time.

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